05/27/2021 - foxtrot - Pyramid of Pain

AO: Foxtrot

When: 05/27/2021

QIC: Choo Choo


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Partly Cloudy, Golden Rule, Dr. Doolittle, Goldie, Mater, Guac, Hallmark, and me, Choo Choo.


7 amazing ladies joined me for a fun and butt-kicking workout. The weather was perfect and we were able to complete the entire thing.

We did a few quick stretches while I explained the workout. We started with this fun little ditty that I found on the Lexicon.
Ring of Fire WAVE – I used “Single Ladies” by Beyonce
We laid our mats out in a circle like Ring of Fire. We all started by holding squat position then I dropped down to high plank. The person to my right then follows and dropped to a plank, quickly all the way around the circle, like a wave at a baseball game. When it got back to me, I popped back up into a squat hold and then the rest of the PAX followed around the circle. We continued back and forth between plank and squat hold until the song was over.

Then we moved onto the main event…Pyramid of Pain:
5 rows of exercises that increased in reps but decreased in number of exercises. Take a lap after you do all the exercises on that row.

First (bottom) row: 10 reps each of burpees, BGS, bear squats, around the world and shoulder taps (sets)

Second row: 20 reps each of merkins, angry donkey kicks, leg lifts, and gun show (sets)

Third row: 30 reps each of deadlifts, in & outs, and narrow squats.

Forth row: 40 reps of bicep curls and tricep extensions/kickbacks

Fifth row (top) 50 reps reps of sumo squats

We finished up just in time, circled up for COT and prayers then got a great picture with the sunrise!

One of my most favorite things about the early morning summer FiA workouts (beside you ladies!) is seeing the amazing sunrises that God blesses us with. Thank you for joining me, ladies! Love starting my day off with all of you. 💕


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