07/10/2020 - hideout - Random Questions!!!

AO: The Hideout

When: 07/10/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Blessing, Canon, Charity, Chef, Inspector Gadget, Journey, Kodak, Pavement Princess, Risky Business, Seinfeld, Stitch, Wonder Woman, Yellowstone, (FNG) Spitfire, Domino


15 AMAZING AND BAD…ummm…BUTT…PAX came out this morning to fight the heat, burn some calories, and start their days off as only FiA lets us.  Together.

After some light warmups of arm circles, Michael Phelps and jumping jacks…we jumped right into THE THANG!

THE THANG! Getting To Know You Edition

I have to say…FNGs are SO FREAKING EXCITING!  And boy have we had them all across FiA Cherokee recently!  We’ve met a lot of new FiA sisters at The Hideout, alone, over the past month.  Amazing women who come out consistently and work their tushes off.  So, because FiA is truly a sisterhood…for many of us our safe space where we know we are loved and accepted and supported…I thought it would be fun to get to know our sisters on a different level.  Find out what makes each of you…well…YOU.  So…today’s idea was born.  I made a set of cards with random “Getting To Know You Questions”.  Each card had a question and a set of exercises.  We had everyone set up in a circle and each PAX was handed a few cards…and then we began.

Each person read one of their cards, answered the question, and then we all did the exercise together.  After every 4th question we ran the loop.

The questions we answered/exercises we did (x2 means that question/those exercises came up for 2 people):

  • What was the happiest day of your life?  (20 Renegade Rows)
  • What’s something you’re proud of? (20 Narrow Squats with Kickbacks. Sets) (x2)
  • What are you looking forward to? (20 Shoulder Taps.  Sets)
  • What is your guilty pleasure? (20 Overhead Tricep Extensions) (x2)
  • What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? (20 Bourbons)
  • What is your dream job? (20 Jumping Jacks)
  • What makes you a good friend? (20 Imperial Walkers.  Sets.)
  • What’s something you’re really good at? (20 Curtsy Lunges.  Sets) (x2)
  • What job would you be terrible at?  (20 Star Jumps) (x2)
  • What’s number one on your bucket list? (20 Calf Raises) (x2)
  • What do you wish you knew more about? (20 Toy Soldiers.  Sets)
  • What takes up too much of your time?  (20 Smurf Jacks)
  • What’s your favorite movie? (20 Jump Squats) (x2)
  • Who’s your favorite Band/Singer? (20 Reverse Lunges.  Sets)
  • What is your best feature (Physical)?  (20 Hillbillies.  Sets)
  • How would you spend a free day?  (20 In and Outs)
  • What was your favorite vacation? (20 Bicep Curls)
  • What’s the best way to start the day? (20 Seal Jacks)
  • What’s your biggest quirk? (20 Sumo Squats)
  • What are you absolutely determined to do? (20 Plank Jacks)
  • What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done? (20 Merkins)

We worked hard, we laughed hard, and we learned SO MUCH about each other!!  I learned things about my new sisters and ones I’ve known from my beginning with FiA.  And I loved every second of it.   I hope you guys did, too!

After The Thang, we circled up.  We talked about what FiA is for some of us…we prayed…and we did Name-O-Rama including naming our FNG, Spitfire!

And, once again, all of you have given me the best start to a day that I could hope for.

As a side note, in case anyone is wondering, the questions/exercises we didn’t get to were:

  • What is something that always makes you smile?  (20 Hallelujahs)
  • Who inspires you? (20 Russian Twists.  Sets.)
  • What is your best quality (Personality)? (20 LBCs)
  • What’s the best thing that’s happened to you recently? (20 Plank Up Downs)
  • How did you get your FiA nickname? (20 Overhead Press)
  • What is your pet peeve? (20 Unicycles)
  • What do you do for work?  Do you enjoy it? (20 American Pie Sit Ups)
  • What skill would you like to master? (20 Jump Ropes)
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? (20 Imperial Squat Walkers.  Sets)
  • What is one of your hobbies?  (20 Toe Taps.  Sets)
  • Where are you from?  (20 Prisoner Squats)


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