12/22/2020 - valley - Reindeer Games

AO: The Valley

When: 12/22/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Seinfeld, Canon, Chef, Stitch, Hallelujah, Sugar Mama, Ramsey, Mama Bear, Fonda, Kodak


“They” might not have let poor Rudolf play in any Reindeer Games but we sure would have!! WE, as in 10 PAX total came out to play on this BEAUTIFUL Tuesday-before-Christmas morning! Most of us brought our 2.0s along for a beatdown of their own led by Sporty Spice & Raven. Their workout was mainly just running around playing follow the leader so I will just jump right into…THE MAMA’S THANG!


  1. Candy Cane Relay – divided up into 2 teams…Everyone took off to a spot to do JJs until the baton/candy cane was handed off by running it to the next PAX. —-back to our mats
  2. Santa Tic Tac Toe – (still in the same 2 teams) – Everyone was handed a game piece with a number (of reps) on the back…we each took turns placing game piece on the Santa Game board, alternating between each team…each square was an exercise that everyone did as a group. Winning team did 3 Burpees, losing team did 3 Inchworms…3 Days until Christmas 🙂
  3. Snowball Throw – We each took turns throwing a snowball –>All PAX lunge walked to the snowball then sprinted back
  4. UNdecorate a Gingerbread Man – We each took turns taking a piece off of the Gingerbread man 😉 Each piece represented an exercise, PAX choice of how many reps.
  5. Antler Ring Toss – (same 2 teams) – we each took turns tossing a ring to the antlers to do an ARM, LEG or AB OYC exercise…reps were either 10 or 20 depending on which side the ring was on. This closed out our beatdown with just enough time for COT & NOR.

Afterwards we enjoyed Cocoteria with treats for the kiddos & moms! You earned it ladies!!!  We even had a little drawing of Bingo Box prizes for all PAX & giftbags for the kids! This was so much fun to do!!! Thanks to Canon & Seinfeld for all the yummy sugar!! Merry Christmas y’all!!!!




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