12/09/2019 - union - Reindeer Games

AO: The Union

When: 12/09/2019

QIC: Diggity Dog


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Anchor, Wonder Woman, Chocolate Chip, Guac, Wilson, Domino, Smooth Operator, Valor, Choo Choo, Twerk


In true Christmas theme, we decided to play some games today. Reindeer Games that is!

10 beautiful ladies joined me bright and early to get our sweat on at the Union!

Here is how it went down:

Warm-up: jog around the big loop, butt kicks, skaters

Each event had a point value tied to it, and the winning team accumulated points that way.

Break into 2 teams

Candy cane relay (20 pts)
-one member is running a suicide
-rest of team holds chair sit when not running

Gingerbread Dance (30 pts)
-hold hand of partner across from you squat, then jump and turn to switch hands
x 25 jumps (we had to improvise since we had such big teams and just touch hands instead of hold hands- we also did this twice and still had a tie both times!)

Stocking stuffer (10 pts)
-everyone hold a low plank in a row
-put right arm on back of person next to you, and hold until everyone drops
-switch sides

Sugar Rush (40 pts)
-stand in a circle with your team, and do Burpee‘s timed for two minutes (this was brutal! 2 minutes is longer that you think!)
-hi5 the people next to you when you jump, and try to stay together as a team
-team with highest reps wins (we had another tie at the end!)

Elves Christmas Dash (50 pts)
Everyone took part in this at the same time:

-jump lunges and alternate legs in air (x10)
-forward squat jumps (x10)
Run back to mat
-up and down plank (x20)
-Side shuffle suicide
-squat jumps (x10)

We also threw in some big loop runs in between events to get our legs stretched out a bit.

In the end, the team with Guac, Choo Choo, Wilson, Twerk and Chocolate Chip took home the win!

We circled up, prayed and did name-o-Rama.

Thank you ladies for joining me! Love you all!


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