11/01/2019 - hideout - Ring of Fire and a Little Thanksgiving Thrown in for Good Measure

AO: The Hideout

When: 11/01/2019

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, Southern Charm, Fresh Cotton


So we began this new month with freezing cold temps, which 24 hours earlier had been 70 degrees! We braved the elements together and accomplished 3 rounds of Ring of Fire and finished with 3 rounds of Thanskgiving Dinner (see below)

Warm Up: Some arm circles both directions, jogging in place to warm up our lower half, and TTT in cadence.

The Thang: So for this Ring of Fire beatdown, each round consisted of an arm exercise, a leg exercise, an abs exercise, and a cardio exercise that would get passed from one Pax to the next. While one Pax was doing the main exercise, the rest were doing a different one until it was their turn and then went back to the other exercise until all were done.

Round 1 – Passed 10 bicep curls while others did hallelujahs; Passed 10 sumo squats while others held chair sit; Passed 10 triangle crunches (left side) while others held plank; Passed 10 jumping jacks while others did high knees.

Then we ran a lap to the lightpost and back

Round 2 – Passed 10 overhead press while others did moroccan night clubs; Passed 10 deadlifts while others did squats with kick back (alternating legs); Passed 10 triangle crunches (right side) while others did supermans; Passed 10 jump squats while others did toe taps on the curb

We ran another lap to the lightpost and back

Round 3 – Passed 10 tricep kickbacks while others did scarecrows; Passed 10 (each leg) step ups with knee raise while others did curtsy lunges; Passed 10 russian twists (moving left and then right counted as 1) while others did reverse crunches; Passed 10 plank jacks while others did mountain climbers

We then ran a longer lap to 3rd light post, around the grassy island, and then back.

To usher in November I decided to create a Thanksgiving dinner set where each part of the typical meal equaled a certain exercise. So we did 3 rounds of a “meal” where each of us picked a slip of paper with a food on it and did the corresponding exercise. The food items and exercises were as follows:

Turkey – 10 burpees (yes, be proud of me, I put burpees in my beatdown!…and someone chose it, too!)

Mashed potatoes – 10 lunges each leg

Gravy – 10 jumping jacks

rolls/bread – 10 squats with a pulse

green bean casserole – 10 imperial walker sets

stuffing/dressing – 10 hillbilly sets

sweet potato casserole – 10 bourbons

Cranberry sauce – 10 toy soldier sets

corn/veggie – 10 upright rows

pumpkin pie – 10 around the worlds

We finished with COT and name-o-rama. Prayers were asked for patience and peace with our kids, with toxic situations in our lives, for Mark as he endures treatment, and for general health and wellbeing for friends and family.


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