11/13/2021 - foxtrot - Ring of Fire – Foxtrot style

AO: Foxtrot

When: 11/13/2021

QIC: Pilgrim


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Aquamarine, Bravo, Chai, Chocolate Chip, Knottley, Orange Pekoe, Paperback, Pilgrim, Raptor, Sempre Fi, Straight Shooter, Valkyrie, Wunderland


It was a fabulous morning at Foxtrot and 12 other ladies joined me for a Ring of Fire – Foxtrot style! I truly appreciate these ladies coming out to help me lose some added pounds that were brought back home from a trip this past week! It was a no weight workout and apparently someone shared that the next time I say no weights, the group should say “no way!” Love it!

Warm up – arm circles, Michael Phelps, toe touches, and through the tunnels (cadence)

Ring of Fire – while the entire group did the first exercise listed, we took turns doing the second exercise listed. Because of the size of the group, we typically had two people doing the second exercise listed in order to complete the entire board.

Plank up downs and 5 burpees

High knees and 10 dragon lunges per side

Butt kicks and 10 merkins

Squat jumps and 10 bourbons per side

One arm jack knife – right side and monster walk around the group (renamed turkey wobble today)

One arm jack knife – left side and 5 inchworms (with or without pushup)

Jumping jacks and 10 crab toe touches per side

Skaters and 10 tricep push ups

Flutter kicks and 10 Carolina dry docks

Triple beasts and 10 angry donkey kicks

Imperial walkers and 10 mountain climbers

Iso lunges and 5 plank combos (1 push up, 2 shoulder taps and 3 mountain climbers) Apparently this is a tick tock too!

We ended with a COT, prayer and picture


Thank you again for starting your day with me! Loved hearing the mumble chatter and look forward to the next time!



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