11/13/2020 - foxtrot - Rise Up Presents Friday the 13th

AO: Foxtrot

When: 11/13/2020

QIC: Rise Up


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Pinterest, Love, Blue Bell, Von Trapp


Oh, what a beautiful morning. Seriously, y’all. It was a gorgeous day for 5 Pax, including me, Rise Up, to workout. Pinterest and I caught some steps earlier before the beatdown, and had a lovely catch up session while the other Pax joined us at 9:30. Did I mention how beautiful our morning was? The weather was perfect! We started with some warm up exercises of Michael Phelps, Gorilla Swings, Shoulder Stretches, Running Stretches, Sumo Squat Side Bends and Jumping Jacks until I said “Stop!”

The THANG is: 13s and some cardio number play on 31.

Set 1

Merkins and Squat Thrusters

Pax would complete 1 push up and then run to a set of benches, with weights in tow to complete 12 Squat Thrusters. Then 2 push ups, 11 Squat Thrusters, on and on with all reps equalling 13. Then we did 31 jumping jacks and a lap around the playground.

Set 2

Tuck Crunches and Imperial Squat Walker sets

This time we completed 12 Tuck Crunches and 1 set of Imperial Squat Walkers…11-2, 10-3, so on and so forth. Second verse same as the first. All reps decrease and increase, but total 13. We got to round 7-6 and I called an audible to complete 31 Pendulum sets and another lap around the playground. We all had so much fun getting to know each other and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous weather. We did some stretching on our own as we talked, and laughed and listened and learned about each other. I love co leading with Pinterest! It’s totally awesome and we work well together. COT was filled with prayers for friends, families who have struggled, or currently are struggling with the loss of a loved one, suffering from cancer treatments. We did have a major praise that sweet Lena is out of the hospital and feeling much better. Yay! Thank you for joining me today, ladies. Sweet calories were burned, and I had 11,000 ish steps by 10:45 am. Awesome beatdown, awesome day.

Just a PSA: It’s Friday the 13th, so beware of shiny guys named Jason…..

Until next time,

Rise Up


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