04/19/2022 - den - Route 66 at The Den

AO: The Den

When: 04/19/2022

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Foster, Rise Up, Shrinky Dink, Caliente, Spartan, Straight Shooter, Partly Cloudy, Choo Choo, Semper Fi


Another chilly morning at the Den and I have to say I think we are all just about done with these temps.  Yes its Spring, and the back and forth is all normal, but honestly I am so ready for tank top weather. So what do we do when we need to make sure we stay warm? Route 66!

We did a quick warm up and got to business.

Road trip on Route 66.   A Route 66 consists of 11 stops, usually a light post or cone, and you increase the reps at each stop.  We started with star jumps.  Run to the first light post and do 1 star jump, 2nd light post do 2 star jumps and so on for all 11.  Our route was a complete large circle of the student parking lot.

At our mats after the first lap we had a “pitstop” where you did an exercise.  Today was the 19th so we did 19 reps/sets.   1st exercise on the mat was Russian twists.  Then on to the next Route 66.  We did a total of 4 this morning.

Route 1:  Star jumps

Pitstop:  19 Russian twists

Route 2:  Plank jacks

Pitstop:  19 Bicycle sets

Route 3:  Hillbillies sets

Pitstop: 19 Lateral arm raises

Route 4:  Superman squat sets

Pitstop:  19 Hammer curls

We all finished somewhat together.  After we finished our road trip we did a Sally song challenge.  That took us right to 6:15.

We finished up with COT and a picture.

Have a wonderful day!



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