11/05/2019 - hideout - Sally and the Karate Kid go to London Bridge and meet Baby Shark (and other songs)

AO: The Hideout

When: 11/05/2019

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tiny Dancer, Southern Charm, Compass, Red Velvet


I’ve been wanting to do a song-based workout and finally figured out how I wanted to do it. So today my fellow FiA ladies at the Hideout completed a full-body song beatdown.

Warm up – we did some arm circles and stretches on our own as I explained how the beatdown would work.

The Thang – With each song there would be one exercise during the verses and a different exercise during the chorus. There were 11 songs total and the exercises focused on Abs, Arms, Legs, and Cardio. The goal was to move with the beat of the song, either with it (jogging along to the beat in Take On Me) or half-time.

These were the songs in order:

  1. Take On Me – jog to the beat up and down the bus lanes during the verses, during the chorus stop and do monkey humpers, then return to jogging until the net chorus; continue the pattern until the end of the song
  2. Shape of You – LBCs during the verses, bicycles during the chorus
  3. Jessie’s Girl – Imperial Walkers during the verses, curtsy lunges during the chorus
  4. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Bicep curls to the beat during the verses, overhead press during the chorus
  5. Shake it Off – jog to the beat up and down bus lanes during verses, side punches during the chorus
  6. Baby Shark  – we did the exercises that go with this song from the FiA lexicon
  7. Christmas Can Can – Hillbillies during the verses; the Can Can during the chorus
  8. You’re the Best (Karate Kid) – did the routine I created for my VQ with moving arms “Sand the floor,” “wax on wax off,” “Paint the Fence,” “Paint the House”
  9. London Bridge – the Glute bridge routine Valor brought to us
  10. So What – Hallelujahs during the verses; Moroccan Night Clubs during the chorus
  11. Sally – the squats routine

We finished on time and the whole thing! These ladies just KILLED it today – Sally , Baby Shark, London Bridge and so much more all in one beatdown! We closed with COT and name-o-rama. Prayers were shared for Shrinky Dink’s trip the rest of the week, her hubby Mark, others asked for patience and peace for general life stresses.


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