07/23/2020 - valley - Sharknado

AO: The Valley

When: 07/23/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Von Trapp, Chef, Mama Bear, Fonda, Seinfeld, Kodak


Well, I think the name says it all…Shark + tornado = Sharknado…Crazy as it sounds, that was the beatdown today at The Valley! Whats even crazier is BABY Sharknado!!

Once all 6 PAX came together under the pavillion we did some OYO stretches while I explained…


*Did you know that The Baby Shark song has 9 verses of that mind numbing chant that everyone loves to hate!? So 9 verses meant 9 different exercises for not one but TWO Baby Shark song challenges…

1st up…Baby Shark ABS – 1.Hold V-sit  2.Russian Twist  3.Bicycles  4.Rosalitas  5.Flutter Kicks  6.Leg Lifts  7.LBC (fast!)  8.BGS  9.Reverse Crunch.

~~~~~TORNADO~~~~~ Run to 1st bench for 10 Squats ~~>Run the entire loop to 2nd bench for 20 Hallelujahs ~~>Run the entire loop to 3rd bench for 30 Calf Raises ~~>Run back to our mats.

2nd song challenge… Baby Shark PLANKS – 1.Hold a plank  2.Plankjacks  3.J-Lo’s  4.Shoulder Taps  5.Merkins  6.Air High 5’s  7.Mt. Climbers(fast!)  8.Kick Backs  9.Up/Downs

~~~~~Tornado~~~~~ Same as above

Once back at our mats we caught our breath, got some water & played a little game I like to call “You Do You Boo” – (ARMS) – I called out a PAX name & asked what her favorite arm exercise is & we all had to do that exercise until she stopped…no counting, no timer. LOVE IT! We went through all 6 PAX before doing one more ~~Tornado~~ & ending with Celebrity Abs…One of my “bag of tricks” to fill time 🙂 An oldie but goodie! Several cards with a female celebrity on one side & their choice of ab workout on the other…We each chose one to do together as a group & we had just enough time to go through all 6 pretty quickly.

COT & Name 0 Rama after a quick OYO stretch & we were on our way! Because the heat was hot & the kiddos were done!! Thanks for joining me!!! 🙂


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