08/25/2021 - lair - Short, Long, Longest

AO: The Lair

When: 08/25/2021

QIC: Choo Choo


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chocolate Chip, The Viking, Hat Trick, Straight Shooter, Dr. Doolittle, Hallmark, Aquamarine, and me…Choo Choo


7 fabulous FiA’s showed up to get swoll with me this morning. We had a special visit from Hat Trick as she made her 1st appearance at the Lair. So nice to meet one of our own FiA sisters from the southside!

Warm up:
We did a few quick stretches and some Through the Tunnels to get our blood moving. Then we played a little game of “Have you Ever?” If yes, PAX did a burpee. If no, PAX did Jumping Jacks until the burpees were finished.
– Ridden in an ambulance
– Ridden on a motorcycle
– Ridden in a helicopter
–  Ridden in a limo
– Flown over the ocean
– Been in a hot air balloon
– Ridden in a convertible with the top down
– Parasailed
– Ridden on a jet ski
– Ridden on a double-decker bus

These ladies are full of adventure. So many burpees! We were well warmed up after that so we got started on our workout.
I put a 5 sec “rest” between each exercise and that went a lot faster than we realized. We worked up a good sweat because there was very little to no down time.
We start with a short 30 second interval, then move on to a long 45 second interval, then we moved up to the longest 1 minute interval. I had it setup that we did a full circuit (short, long, longest) of all Arms, then another of all Legs, and 3rd of all Abs. After we completed all that we ran a big lap up/down the stairs and around the parking lot. We were able to get 7 full circuits done, running after each set of 3.

It went like this:
– Merkins / Overhead Press / Bicep Curls
– Jump Squats / Monkey Humpers / Narrow Squats
– Bourbons / In & Outs / LBCs

– Around the Worlds / Carolina Dry Docks / Tricep Kickbacks
– Sumo Squats / Calf Raises / Lunges
– Side Extensions / Russian Twists / Flutter Kicks
We had just enough time to repeat the first full set then took a photo, said our prayer and did Name-o-Rama.
We all worked up a sweat with this one, but were still able to chat a bit since there was no counting. Anyone who knows me knows I hate having to count because then I can’t talk…and I like to talk!

Thanks for starting your day with me! #BetterTogether


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