12/29/2020 - den - Short Longer Longest at the Den

AO: The Den

When: 12/29/2020

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Partly Cloudy, Semper Fi, Wilson, Straight Shooter, Valkyrie, Chai, Very Berry,


Along with some early morning fog, 7 PAX rolled in to The Den for this morning’s beatdown. It had been a while since a Short, Longer, Longest routine was completed at this AO so I decided to do it today. We started with some arm circles, jump ropes, and toy soldiers IC and light stretching to get us going.

The Thang

Short, Longer, Longest is a timer-based routine with 30 second, 45-second, and 1 minute intervals. I added a 10 second switch in between the sets to give us a chance to get up or down and ready for the next exercise. I also added at the end of each round a 1:00 minute plank or 1:00 minute hold chair. Here is the list

Round 1

30 second – jump squats

45 second -In and Outs

1:00 – hammer curls

1:00 plank


Round 2

30 second – Wilsons

45 second – Overhead press

1:00 – squats (Pax choice)

1:00 chair


Round 3

30 second – push ups

45 second – monkey humpers

1:00 – LBCs

1:00 plank


Round 4

30 second – Pick Me ups

45 second – around the worlds

1:00 – russian twists

1:00 chair


Round 5

30 second – bourbons

45 second – lunges (Pax choice)

1:00 – hallelujahs

1:00 plank

After the first time all the way through we ran a lap around a couple of the far lightposts and back to keep our heart rates up. We then repeated it all the way through Round 4 (we were almost at time), ran another lap, and then stretched as we did COT and NOR. These awesome FiA gals completed 5 minutes of planks, 4 minutes of “hold chair,” a couple of laps and all the exercises we had time for. The dampness made it feel colder than it was but the ladies powered through this one! Thanks for joining me this morning!


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