01/15/2020 - foxtrot - Short, Longer, Longest

AO: Foxtrot

When: 01/15/2020

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Cookie Monster, HGTV


This Backblast is a little late.  But, I liked these intervals, so wanted to make sure I shared.  It was a mild night last Wednesday at Foxtrot.  The three of us warmed up with some stretches and cardio moves, then got started on an interval workout.
My F3 called when I was setting up my interval timer and apparently it didn’t save the final version.  So we had zero rest between rounds.  But, it actually made us work up a good sweat because there was zero down time.
We start with a short 30 second interval, then move on to a longer 45 second interval.  Then we move up to the longest 1 minute interval and follow it up with a 1 minute plank. Then we start back over at the short interval, new exercises.

It went like this:

Push UPS/ Overhead Press/ Bicep Curls/ Plank

Jump Squat/ Monkey Humpers/ Squats/ Plank

Bourbons/ In & Outs/ LBCs/ Plank

Side Extensions/ Around the Worlds/ Hallelujahs/ Plank

Carolina Dry Docks/ Lunges/ Russian Twists/ Plank

We ran a lap.  Then did it again!  HGTV killed it.  Cookie Monster kept me smiling and laughing.  All of us worked up a sweat.  We held 9 60-second planks!  (I didn’t make them do the last one.). We stretched and closed with our COT.

These intervals are definitely keepers!


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  1. Sharon Meeks Carroll

    I’m FiA ENC (Greenville) and used this as inspiration for my Q tonight! It was a great one!

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