10/20/2021 - hideout - Slow Down

AO: The Hideout

When: 10/20/2021

QIC: Chef


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, Chef


Slow Down

I’ve known for awhile there is good that comes from doing reps slow with good form. But I did a little reading on negative reps. It was really neat to learn how good it is to go very slow on the release part of the exercise (rather than just focusing on the “work” part of the exercise). So I decided to focus on that for today’s work out. We had time to do all three rounds plus round 1 and 2 again. Great spending time with Inspector Gadget!

For the work part of the rep, do a 1-2-3 count, release part is where you slow down to do a 1-2-3-4-5 count

Each exercise is 40 seconds with a 20 sec rest

Round 1

Bicep curls


Overhead press

Standing straight ahead Leg lift (r then l)

Tricep extension


Standing penguins (slow) 60 sec




Round 2

Push ups

Standing in place lunge squat

Boxing punches

Standing leg lifts outside (l then r)



Standing knee to elbow 60 secs




Round 3

Hammer curls

Sumo squat

Standing chest flys

Sitting leg raises (l then r)

Straight arm raises


Hillbillies 60 sec




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