06/11/2020 - valley - Smoothie Maker

AO: The Valley

When: 06/11/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Mama Bear, Canon, Killer K, Fonda (FNG Dona Vaughn), Kodak


4 PAX joined me on this beautiful sunny morning to get a good weekend eve workout in!! Nothing is better than a nice cold smoothie on a hot (almost, but might as well be) summer day!! So today’s workout, we each had to follow the “recipe” to make our own…

1st we warmed up with a song challenge – Milkshake (Kelis) – Squat toe taps throughout & Front air press (to the beat of coarse) during the hook.

On to THE THANG – Lets make some smoothies ladies!

Each ingredient represented an exercise…Once Pax #1 chose her ingredients & how many reps,  we all did that exercise …we each took turns for a total of 5 smoothies & 1 mega smoothie at the end.

*Ice – 5 Burpees – Every good smoothie begins with ice, right?! so everyone had to start with ice! hehe

BASE (Choose 1)

*Water – 5 Angry Donkey Kicks

*Milk – 5 Inchworms

PROTEIN (Choose 1)

*Peanut Butter – Merkins

*Protein Powder – Bicep curls

*Greek Yougurt – Overhead Press

FRUIT (Choose 2)

*Strawberry – BGS                  *Pineapple – Leg lifts

*Mango – Russian Twists      *Banana – Reverse Crunches

*Cherry – Bicycles                    *Kiwi – Penguins

SWEETENER (Choose 1)

* Honey – Jump Squats

*Maple Syrup – Jump Lunges

*Agave – Calf Raises

——-> After each smoothie we had to swirl it up with a lap around the playground <———–

For our Mega Smoothie we used ALL ingredients with Killer K’s suggestion of 15 reps!

We did some OYO stretches, continued prayers for Seinfeld & her family & Name O Rama!

I hope you ladies enjoyed your morning with me! Seeing all your smiles & sweat was the cherry on top for me! Love ya!!!




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