10/02/2020 - hideout - Spelling your name

AO: The Hideout

When: 10/02/2020

QIC: Certified


Number of Pax: 17

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Certified, Domino, Chinchilla, Dory, Belle, Inspector Gadget, Charity, Happy Trees, Von Trapp, Blessing, Solo, Chef, Chop, Artist, Journey, True Crime, Zzz’s


It was a dark and cold morning in Canton GA. Colder than Maine according to the Massachusetts news. Domino, Inspector Gadget, Dory, Belle, Chinchilla, and Charity put in some steps from 4:30-5:30 – Dory, Belle, and Chinchilla then rush home for mom duties. While the rest of us, did the Spell your nickname workout. Each letter was an exercise. I got this from a friend on Instagram. I am thinking, as we all were, that it was invented by a male or someone that has not had children. We had to do a lot of jumping jacks! Domino actually said I might have finally done her in…or something like that…I stopped to recruit some new FNG but they had to get home by 6 for their hubby’s to work out.

Do your name twice,

Run four laps

Do your friend’s name twice.

Watch out for the i’s and e’s.

Announcements and COT and find warmth…though everyone did shed some clothes sweating in the cold 45 degree heat…hmmm cold.


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