10/13/2020 - den - Spooky Sets

AO: The Den

When: 10/13/2020

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Spirit, Smooth Operator, Killa, Mater, Choo Choo, Wilson, Whole Coconut, Barefoot, Partly Cloudy, Straight Shooter


It’s been a minute since I last Q’d at The Den so when Wonder Woman needed someone to fill in for her I jumped at the chance.  I already had a Halloween themed beatdown planned so I was ready to go.  We were so excited to see Spirit back with us.  We did some stretching with some toy soldiers and thru the tunnels IC. Then we got to work.

We had 3 spooky sets and we did each set 3 times before moving to the next.

Set 1

20 scary squats

10 spider climb sets (aka spider man’s)

20 demon deadlifts

10 supermans

candy burning cardio was skeleton shuffles (aka side shuffles) from one cone to the next and back.  We did this 3 times and then on to the next.

Set 2

30 boo-ty burning glute bridges

40 corpse crunches (aka lbc’s)

30 pumpkin pushups (lots of mumble chatter on this one)

40 bewitching bicep curls

candy burning cardio was a repulsive run down to the end and back.  After 3 times thru we moved to the last set.

Set 3

20 lurking lunge sets

10 vampire v-sits

20 jack o lantern jumps (aka jump squats)

10 dead bug sets

candy burning cardio was terrifying toe taps – 20 each side

On the very last round we had to lower the lunges to 20 total (not sets) and the jump squats to 10 to fit it all in.

We did COT and name o rama.   Thank you ladies for starting your day with me.


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