10/23/2019 - lair - Stairs again!

AO: The Lair

When: 10/23/2019

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chocolate Chip, Straight Shooter, Inspector Gadget


4 PAX at AO The Lair on a cool fall Wendnesday morning. We are all happy the weather has cooled down but we all made a comment that we are not looking forward to the below 30’s again.

We did a few warm ups – TTT, Toy Soilders, arm & leg stretches.

The Thang 

The cones were set up around the parking lot for four corners. They were placed around the largest loop of the parking lot. Each cone had a list of exercises on it.

(1) 20 Squats with a leg lift – 20 Curb Toe Taps – 20 Squats with a leg lift

(2) 30 Russian Twist – 5 Burpees – 30 Russian Twists

(3) 40 Weighted Dead Lifts – 10 Weighed Around the Worlds – 40 Weighed Dead Lifts

(4) 50 Jump Ropes – 2X up & down the staircase – 50 Jump Ropes

We did all the exercises on the cones before we ran to the next cone and did the next group of exercises. We finished two rounds before we changed direction. We had time to do that round once. We were a small but mighty group of amazing FiA’s this morning. We were cold when we stared and sweating when we ended!! Great work today ladies.


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