10/17/2020 - grove - Stairway, Screaming Shoulders, and Six Pack

AO: The Grove

When: 10/17/2020

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Birdie, Sweat Pants, Shrinky Dink


It was a cold, dark morning.  But, it was quiet and peaceful and perfect for a good beatdown.  3 PAX joined me to get our Saturday started.
We warmed up with yoga stretches, toe taps, butt kicks, and a lap around the circle.
Once we were warm, we started on our Stairway to Heaven.  The way this works is you have two exercised paired together.  The first is completed in single counts, on your own.  The next one is completed in cadence.  We start with 1 rep and escalate up to 10.  So you do 1.  Then 2 reps.  Then 3 reps.  Then 4…all the way to 10.  Here are the pairings we did.

Jump Squats/Crockpot Squats

Skaters/Side Lunge Pulses

Plank Hand to Foot/Hip Dips

KB Swings/Jumping Jacks

Dead Lifts/Calf Raises

We ran a lap between each exercise pairing.

Next, we moved on to Screaming Shoulders:

Moroccan Night Clubs, Randys, Hallelujahs, Around the Worlds

Start with 5 reps of each.  Then do 10 reps of each.  Then do 15 reps of each.  Then 20.  Then 25.  We capped the Around the Worlds at 15 for the last two rounds to save some time.

Because next up was our Six Pack Wheel of Death!  And I really wanted to get through it.  30 secs of each of the following:


High Knees

Russian Twists

High Knees

Leg Lifts

High Knees

Box Cutters

High Knees

Crunchy Frogs

High Knees

In & Outs

High Knees

And finally, we were done and out of time.  We stretched for a minute, chatted about health concerns and prayer requests.  We prayed and did our COT.  It was a great strength workout with a good number of steps!  Over 400 calories and 5,000 steps.  Thanks for joining me ladies!


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