07/19/2021 - union - Stairway to FiA Olympics

AO: The Union

When: 07/19/2021

QIC: Valor


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Guac, Linux (FNG), Greyhound, Marg, Diggity Dogg, Valor, Lake Life, Ultra


Eight PAX showed up this Monday morning and boy was I glad to see them. Being away for a week sometimes feels like an eternity when you don’t see your people! We started with a quick ring of fire warmup. First round was jump rope while we passed 5 jumping jacks. Second round was butt kicks while we passed 5 air squats. Then we took a lap.

The Thang (Stairway to Heaven)

First move is done on a single count. Second move is done in cadence. Start with one rep. Finish with 10 reps.

  • Weighted Sit Up – In Cadence Mountain Climbers
    • So first round is 1 sit up. 4 mountain climbers. Then 2 sit ups, 8 mountain climbers and so on. Rinse and repeat to 10
  • Merkins – Overhead Press
    • First round is 1 merkin. Count overhead cadence as follows: push up 1 down 2 up 3 down 4. Thats 1. Rinse and repeat to 10
  • Weighted Squats- Weighted Walking Lunges
    • First round is 1 squat. Count lunge cadence as follows: lunge down 1 step up 2 lunge down 3 step up 4. Thats 1. Rinse and repeat to 10
  • Bent Over Row- Bicep Curls
    • First round is 1 row. Count bicep cadence as follows: Curl up 1 down 2 up 3 down 4. Thats 1. Rinse and repeat to 10

We technically finished Stairway to Heaven at exactly the 45 minute mark. So we did our COT, named Katie (FNG) Linux – which is a very meaningful word to security coders and people that are way smarter than me. We did our prayer- which had an unfortunate theme of brain MRIs and tumors. Thankful that we have this safe space to share heavy requests and a Savior that wants us to bring them before the throne. After we prayed- we split into 2 groups.

FiA Olympic Events

While Valor, Greyhound, and Ultra took off on the fastest mile, Guac, Linux, Lake Life, Diggity Dogg, and Marg raced to do as many sit ups as possible in 5 minutes.

Fastest Union Mile: 6:20 (Greyhound, Ultra, Valor)

*Note to other AOs- fastest mile is not a wise choice after Stairway to Heaven- or any beatdown for that matter!*

Sit Ups in 5 Minutes: 170 (WAY TO GO LAKE LIFE!)


Happy Monday ladies! Those of you that are traveling, we miss you, and can’t wait to see your faces back on a Monday morning soon!!


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