08/24/2020 - union - Stairway to Heaven

AO: The Union

When: 08/24/2020

QIC: Valor


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wilson, Choo Choo, Greyhound, Valor, Diggity Dogg, Guac, Chocolate Chip, Smooth Operator


8 Pax came out to start another Monday off in the humidity that is Georgia right now. We were thankfully greeted with rain showers about halfway through which helped- but also left us doing abs on soggy mats. Ahhhh well, anyways!

We warmed up with some in cadence stretches (TTT, Windmills, and SSH) and then took our usual Union warm up jog.

Once we got back we started on The Stairway to Heaven (Cleverly named by Chocolate Chip).  Some may learn to refer to it as highway to hell…. but I digress.

Every round consisted of one exercise done on an individual count followed by another exercise done IC (so a four count is 1). Each round started at 1 and went to 10 counting up by 1. After a round was finished, we took a lap.

Round 1: Weighted sit up and IC Mountain Climbers

Ex: 1 sit up, 1 mountain climber in cadence

2 sit ups, 2 mountain climbers in cadence

All the way up to 10 and 10


Round 2: Merkins and IV Overhead Press

1 Merkin, 1 overhead press in cadence

2 Merkins, 2 overhead press in cadence

All the way up to 10 and 10


Round 3: Bent Over Rows and IC Bicep Curls

Same pattern as a above. All the way to 10


Round 4: Weighted Squats a s IC Lunge Walks

Same pattern as a above. All the way to 10


Right about now is when half the group  decided it was time leave for work but some remained to finish out the hour.

Next was traveling burpeees. We started with 1 and then went to 10


1 Broad Jump 1 merkin

2 broad jumps 2 merkins

All the way to 10


We finished off the work out with 10 minutes of abs. 2 sets of the following with no/minimal rest!

20 crunches

20 crunches with knees elevated at 90 degrees

20 crunches with one leg bent and one leg straight

20 crunches switch which leg is up

20 toe taps with feet straight up

20 full reverse crunches

20 side crunches in figure four

20 Side crunches other leg in figure four
20 oblique crunches with legs bent and to the side

20 oblique crunches other side

20 bicycles

That wrapped it up at exactly an hour and with only three PAX left standing, we prayed and headed home for some much-needed showers. Thanks for working hard today ladies – and the fact that I’m already sore while typing this tells me we will all be hurting tomorrow!


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