08/11/2021 - mill - Straight Outta FiA

AO: The Mill

When: 08/11/2021

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, Pilgrim, Prada, Served, Short Story, Domino


Oh-oh-oh…hey-ey-ey…Hip Hop Hopray…Today is National Hip Hop Day! So 5 other amazing ladies JUMPED to join me and show that we’re Straight Outta FiA!

After we all congratulated each other on actually getting up (it’s been a loooong couple of weeks with school starting), we did some warmups of arm circles, Michael Phelps and Through the Tunnels…and then we jumped jumped into Hip Hop Day (including a killer hip Hop Playlist by DJ SC).

The Thang:

Tabata – 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, run after every 4 exercises.

  • S – Skaters
  • T – Tricep Kickbacks
  • R – Russian Twists
  • A – American Pie Situps
  • I – Imperial Walkers
  • G – Goblet Squats
  • H – Horizontal Hillbillies
  • T – Tricep Extensions
    • O – Overhead Press
    • U – Underhanded Rows
    • T – Toe Taps
    • T – Tricep Dips
    • A – Around the Worlds
  • F – Fire Hydrants
  • I – In and Outs
  • A – Ab ABCs

We made it through about 1.5 times and everyone (t)worked their booties off!

Afterwards COT and Name-Oh-Rama.

Thank you ladies for joining me today! It’s been nice feeling like I’m getting a little bit back into the swing of things, and I couldn’t do it without my FiA sisters! ❤


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