10/12/2019 - thicket - Sunshine on a Cloudy Day 2

AO: The Thicket

When: 10/12/2019

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Hairspray, Yellow Tulip, Kodak


I remember about a year ago I came to The Thicket not knowing what to expect. A workout, yes. But I had no idea the impact FiA would have on me! I remember the Q, Thunderstruck, & thought “Wow, if she can make me look like her, I’m in!” The rest is history & here I am, one year later! I went from a blah workout regimen to just finishing my 1st ever Spartan race! Never in a million years would I have worked out in below 40 degree weather..nope! Look at me now! Hot, cold, rain or shine. FiA sisters have motivated me & also been my accountability partners!! I hope I can inspire you just as much as ALL of you have inspired me!! I may not look like Thunderstruck (yet) but I’m working on it! We will see when I write my backblast for my 2 year anniversary!!

Now on to THE THANG:

Compliments of Thunderstruck on my 1st ever FiA beatdown with a few minor modifications…

2 pax helped me warm up, this very cool morning, with a Song Challenge – Harlem Shake – Butt kickers throughout/Overhead Claps when you hear the claps in the song.

Tabata – AMRAP/40 sec. – rest/10 sec.

Set #1 – Deadlift Overhead press, Imperial Squats, Mountain Climbers —> RUN a LAP

Set #2 – Squat Press, Plank Jacks, Supermans —> RUN a LAP

Set #3 – Bicycles, Plank Soulder Taps, Squat Punches —> RUN a LAP

We ended up with 2 sets of each before some OYO stretches, COT & Name-O-Rama. Love you ladies!!



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