09/22/2020 - hideout - Sweatin’ to the 80s (my VQ)

AO: The Hideout

When: 09/22/2020

QIC: Chef


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chef, Domino, Southern Charm, Rise Up, Smokey, Chop, Stitch, Artist, Solo, Journey, Rockstar


What a great cold morning for my VQ! I did 80s song challenges for the whole workout. As a novice, it was nice to know that we would end exactly on time! I think we all had fun and we’ll hopefully be a little sore! That’s the goal, right?!

I missed all our regulars that weren’t there, but it was fun meeting Smokey. Thanks for letting me work out with y’all! Always better together!

Here’s the workout (I don’t have all the lingo down… sorry):

Wake Me Up Warmup

Run pump arms

Arms Overhead alternating

Straight arm scissors

Front and back clap

Jumping jacks

Twist jump

Stretch – rest of song


Girls just want to have fun arms 

Arm Circles (front and back)


Moroccan night clubs

Seal claps

Arms out hands pump up/pump down

Ball in front


Let’s get physical

Squat – stay low for beginning

Slow squat (verse part 1)

Squat step out left and right (verse part 2)

Squat jump jack (refrain part 1)

High jumping jack (refrain part 2)

Chair sit (musical interlude 1)

Calf raises (musical interlude 2)


Eye of the Tiger 

Run/walk lap – just once for the song

(Repeat the rest for full song)

Push-ups 10x

Heisman 10x sets

Mountain climbers 10x sets

High knees 10x sets


Love shack

Little Baby crunches (verse part 1)

Flutter legs (verse part 2)

Russian twists (Love Shack – Refrain)

American pie sit ups (Drums to bang bang)

Break for the silent part

Russian twists (refrain)


Beat It (weights)

Around the world slowly

Bicep curls 10 fast 10 slow (verse)

Overhead triceps 10 fast 10 slow (refrain)

Around the world slowly (musical interlude)


Living on a Prayer 

Fire hydrants 10x each side switch

Donkey kicks 10x each side alternate (verse)

Monkey humpers (Hold on to what we got…)

Squats with alternating leg kick (refrain)

Jumping jacks (musical interlude)


Take on Me (same as Eye of the Tiger)

Run/walk lap

(Repeat for full song)

Push-ups 10x

Heisman 10x

Mountain climbers 10x

High knees 10x


Jump (weights)

Bicep curls 10 fast 10 slow

overhead presses (verse) 10 fast 10 slow

Jumping Jacks (fast part)

Jump Squats (refrain)

Bicep curls 10 fast 10 slow (musical interlude)



Legs crossed little baby crunches

Penguin (you don’t have to be rich…)

Russian twists (musical interlude)


Take me home tonight 

Stretch Cool Down



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