02/22/2021 - arena - Sweating to the 50’s

AO: The Arena

When: 02/22/2021

QIC: Pilgrim


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Button, Canon, Cheyenne, Hairspray, Homeland, Kat, Kodak, Mama Bear, Neutral, Paperback, Pilgrim, Seinfeld, Songbird, Sugar Momma, Von Trapp


We were all center stage at the Arena for today’s beatdown. I turned 51 today so the ladies joined me in sweating to the music from the 50’s era. It was a tabata style workout with a “resting” period where we worked every muscle group we have. We completed Round 1, did a rest round, next was Round 2, final rest round and then we did it ALL again! These ladies brought it! Canon was there to take pictures for a local website, FiA was showing strong today!

Tabata – 20 seconds work, 10

Round 1:                                  Round 2:

High knees                              Burpees

Froggers                                  Donkey kicks – right leg

Skaters                                     Donkey kicks – left leg

Merkins                                   Bicep Curls

Jumping jacks                        Bourbons

Flutter kick squats                 Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers               Plank jacks

Planks                                       Calf raises

Resting period working those muscle groups:

Rest round 1:                                    Rest round 2:

Renegade Rows – 10 per side        Rotator Cuff in/out – 15

Upright Rows – 15                            Front to lateral shoulder raises – 10

Chest Press – 15                                Overhead triceps – 15

Diamond Pushups – 10                   Tricep Kickbacks – 15

Goblet Squats – 15                            Russian Twists – 15 per side

Curtsy Lunges – 10 per side            V-sit in and outs – 15

We had time to stretch before our COT, prayer, NOR and picture – both professional and iPhone version!


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