08/06/2022 - grove - Sweaty Deck of Death

AO: The Grove

When: 08/06/2022

QIC: Spartan


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Partly Cloudy, Shrinky Dink, Sweatpants, Birdie, Spartan


It was quite a humid morning, but 4 beautiful ladies joined me for a sweaty beatdown.

We started with a jog to the stop sign and back and did some general stretching and warming up. Then we got to it.

Deck of Death (Pass out cards to each pax. Whatever card the pax flips over you do the amount on the card and the exercise that coordinates with the suite on the card. Aces, Jack, Queens, and Kings were 10. Jokers were pax choice with 10 being the rep)

Round 1

Hearts – Jumping jacks

Diamonds – Flutter Kicks

Spades – Side Steps (sets)

Clubs – Push ups

Run a lap to the stop sign and back

Round 2

Hearts – Mountain Climbers

Diamonds – Russian Twists

Spades – Donkey Kicks

Clubs – Lat Raises

Run a lap to the stop sign and back

Round 3

Hearts – Speed Skaters

Diamonds – LBC

Spades – Plie squats to calf raises

Clubs – OH Triceps

Run a lap to the stop sign and back.


Then we circled up and prayer and were on to our busy Saturdays. Thanks again for joining me.


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