03/03/2022 - foxtrot - Sweet 16! and other random holidays

AO: Foxtrot

When: 03/03/2022

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Walker, Caliente, Spartan, Aquamarine, Chocolate Chip, Belles, Foster, Shrinky Dink


My oldest 2.0, Nunchucks (aka Cathryne) turns 16 today, March 3, so I asked her to help me plan the beatdown and she was excited to do so. She helped me pick the exercises (she was kind in her choices I think) and also created a playlist for me too. I asked her if she wanted to Co-Q and she said no way was she getting up that early.

I also love to see what other holidays fall on the days I’m Qing and today is National Anthem Day, National Cold Cuts Day, National Mulled Wine Day, Soup It Forward Day, and National I Want You To Be Happy day. So I took some of these and turned them into our opening warm up Rings of Fire.

Ring of Fire #1 – To celebrate National Cold Cuts Day and National I Want You To Be Happy Day, all PAX did chicken wings and passed 5 happy jacks.

Ring of Fire #2 – To celebrate National Anthem Day, all PAX held chair and passed 5 star jumps

Ring of Fire #3 – similar to #2, all Pax did reverse lunges and passed 5 rocket squats (think crockpot squats for the countdown… 3 – 2 – 1 – and a blast off jump at the end).

The Thang – the main part of the Q was spelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHRYNE with exercises for each letter. The rep count was 16 and sets were completed where it made sense to do so.

H – hallelujahs

A – alligator push ups (pax switched hand positions at rep 8)

P – prisoner squats

P – pretzel crunches

Y – y raises

Then we ran a big lap (or modified to walking or shorter as needed)

B – bulgarian split squats

I – inner thigh leg lifts

R – raggedy anns

T – tricep kickbacks

H – hip dips

D – dead bugs

A – around the worlds

Y – your choice of abs exercise

We ran another big lap (or modified one)

C – curtsy lunges

A – American pie sit-ups

T – toe taps

H – halos (PAx switched directions at rep 8)

R – reverse crunches

Y – your choice of lunges

N – narwhals

E – elbow to press

We ran another lap (or modified one) and had time left to spell HAPPY again. We then took a couple of minutes to stretch really well and finished with COT and NOR. Always a great way to start the day! Thanks for coming out ladies!


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