07/20/2021 - den - Synchronized Swimming : Ripple Effect

AO: The Den

When: 07/20/2021

QIC: Megaphone


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

shrinky dink, partly cloudy, straight shooter, killa, mater, forte, knottly, Spartan, Wilson, semper fi, dr. Doolittle, smooth operator, Choo choo, and Wonder Woman


We enjoyed an Olympic themed beat down. The rain sent us under the cover, but it didn’t stop us from a great workout.

We started off with a warmup of good mornings, arm circles, leg swings and TTTs.

Then we began the Ripple Effect!

2 minute rounds with a ripple down the line.

1) squat hold / burpee ripple

2) plank hold / burpee ripple

3&4) elevated 1 leg squat/ jump squat ripple

5) flutter kick / big girl sit-up ripple

6) Russian twist/ big girl sit-up ripple

7&8) front leg elevated lunge/ back leg elevated lunge ripple

We repeated 1-4 rounds again and then added a 2 minute round of curb step ups with a Jumping Jack ripple!

We ended with FiA Olympics 3 minute froggers and twisted foot.

COT and NOR sent us all on our way to start our day!


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