03/12/2020 - rock - The 100

AO: The Rock

When: 03/12/2020

QIC: Owlette


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Healthy Mama, Cookie Monster, 8 pointer, Grizzly Jack, FNG Mama Bird, Owlette


Well tonight’s beatdown was a repeat brought to you by FiA Cherokee’s own, Trailblazer. I was so excited to come together and see not only our FNG’s from last week come back, but a NEW FNG again this week! I knew that tonight was going to a great beatdown and jam packed so we had to get warm-ups started.

Warm – Ups:

We got started checking off a bingo box with speed drills.

Cone 1: 10 – Jumping Jacks

Cone 2: 10 – Michael Phelps > back to Cone 1

Cone 3: 10 – leg Swings each side > back to Cone 1

Cone 4: 10 – Toe Touches (reach all the way up and all the way down) > back to Cone 1

The Thang:

The 100!

In between each exercise we ran down to the rock and back.  We added in 10 Imperial Walkers from 50 to 10.

100 – Monkey Humpers

90 – Heel Taps

80 – Side Lunges

70 – Standing Donkey Kicks

60 – Squats

50 – LBC’s

40 – Pushups

30 – Deadlifts

20 – Shoulder Taps

10 – Leg Lifts


We wrapped up with some more stretches, circled up with some prayers for Cookie Monster and her upcoming interviews, named our FNG, and called it a night.


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