12/27/2019 - hideout - The 20-20. Find Your Goals!!!

AO: The Hideout

When: 12/27/2019

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Eleven, Inspector Gadget, Red Velvet, Twerk


It was an absolutely gorgeous morning for 5 of us to get together to get in our workout AND work on our goals for 2020!  We started off by warming up with arm circles, Michael Phelps, high knees and butt kicks before we jumped into The Thang.

THE THANG – Goal setting isn’t all about where you want to be.  Sometimes it’s about appreciating how far you’ve already come, stopping and breathing in those happy moments and your growth, and THEN focusing on where you want to go next.  SO, of course, before we jumped into our 2020 goals we took a moment to focus on what truly made us happy in 2019 with our Reflection Run.  After that first run, each PAX took a moment to write down their happiest moment of 2019.  After each Goal Run, each PAX took a moment to write down one of their goals for 2020.  And The Thang went a little something like this (with some Goal names built in just for fun!):

  • Reflection Run
  • “Release The Anger” – 20 Donkey Kicks (Each Leg)
  • “Family Fun! Let’s Go Ride A Bike!” – 20 Bicycles (Each Leg)
  • “Break Out The Toys!” – 20 Toy Soldiers (Cadence)
  • Goal Run
  • “Manners, Ladies!” – 20 Curtsy Lunges (Each Leg)
  • “Fly Free” – 20 Flutter Kicks (Each Leg)
  • “Find Your Happy” – (4×5) Happy Jacks
  • Goal Run
  • “Sometimes You Just Gotta Show Your A$$” – 20 Jump Squats
  • “Get Giggity With It” – 20 Monkey Humpers
  • “Commune With Nature” – 20 Mountain Climbers (Each Leg)
  • Goal Run
  • “Trust In Your FiA Sisters!” – 20 High Five Push Ups (Total)
  • “Keep The Faith” – 20 Weighted Hallelujahs
  • “Find Your Inner Super Hero” – 20 Peter Parkers (Each Leg)
  • Goal Run
  • “Reach For The Stars!” – 20 Star Jumps
  • “March To The Beat Of Your Own Drummer” – 20 Tempo Push Ups
  • Goal Run

After this we still had some time left, so we each took turns choosing our favorite (aka “love to hate”) ab exercises!  Inspector Gadget started us off with 20 Bourbons, Eleven chose 20 Russian Twists (each side), Red Velvet added 40 leg lifts, and Domino finished up with 20 Reverse Crunches.

After that we circled up for prayers and Name-O-Rama.

Check out our poster for some of the best moments of our 2019 and some of our goals for 2020!  There’s some great stuff there ranging from fitness goals to life goals to…just being the best versions of ourselves!  But my absolute favorite?  The fact that we all also found some common ground in our goals in the fact that we all struggle a little with being social…and TOGETHER, with that common ground, we all hope to do better in the new year.  #BetterTogether



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