02/15/2020 - foxtrot - The Amazing Race

AO: Foxtrot

When: 02/15/2020

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Possum, Chocolate Chip


Welcome to the Amazing Race. Today the PAX traveled around the world ….. or maybe just the park ….. in search of hidden treasures (cones with exercises).  It was cold as all get out but we kept moving.  By the end I had around 9,000 steps and burned 430 calories per my fitbit (which I’m not sure how accurate it is but I will take that number for sure).  I borrowed this beatdown from Zin at FiA Hampton Roads, VA and took some liberties of my own.  I wouldn’t want anyone to think the creative part of my brain miraculously started working.

Two of the four of us had rucked and one came in on two wheels after child switch off so we didn’t really have a warm up.  We paired up in two’s (one set running, one walking) and took off.

Round 1

Five stacks of cones in 5 different colors are hidden around the park.  Each stack of colored cones has an associated exercise.  The PAX partnered up to race around the park to pick up the 5 different cone colors, then to return to the mat for the win.  Need a hint on where to find a location?  That will cost 10 inchworms or burpees.  In the end, each PAX member will have a stack of 5 different colored cones.

Locations & Exercises:

Football field – 30 tricep dips

Lacrosse field – 25 pushups

Skate park – 100 hallelujahs

Memorial – 25 sets of raggedy anns

Entrance – 50 sumo squats

Round 2 – this is how it was mean to be done but with such small numbers we decided to just go to each spot and do the exercises and return back to the playground

Starting at the mat, you will choose one colored cone from the stack collected in Round 1.  You will run to the Round 1 locations, flip over the card to find a color, and a new exercise.  You must match the cone to the color on the paper.  If you do not match, you must do the exercise and then move on to another station until you find the corresponding color to your chosen cone.  If you match, do the exercise, leave the cone, then return to the mat to pick up your next colored cone.  Want to switch colors at the mat?  That will cost you 10 inchworms or 10 burpees.  Once all of your cones are gone, return to the mat.

Locations & Exercises:

Football field – deep yellow – 30 step ups

Lacrosse field – light yellow – 25 sets of fire hydrants

Skate park – orange – 30 sets of imperial walkers

Memorial – blue – 50 calf raises

Entrance – red – 50 scarecrows

Since we shortened round 2 we came back to the playground and did a triple nickel on the hill.  5 bicep curls at the bottom, go up the hill (walk, run, bear crawl, however you want), do 5 squats at the top and come back down.  Do this 5 times to complete the triple nickel.

We finished up with COT, had coffeteria, and went on with our weekend.


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