04/10/2021 - grove - The Grove Meets the Millennial

AO: The Grove

When: 04/10/2021

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Shrinky Dink, Birdie, Partly Cloudy


What better way to wrap up an At Home Spring Break than with a FiA workout.  I decided to introduce The Grove to the Millennial workout.  Shrinky Dink and Birdie joined me and we warmed up with stretches, TTTs in cadence, Windmills in cadence, and a quick run to the stop sign and back.

Then we got started on the Thang.  The way it works is everyone starts on Reps with the goal of 100.  The first person to hit 100 calls it and everyone stops and runs a lap.  Our lap was to the stop sign and back.  When you are back from the run, you begin the next exercise all together.  And you continue that through 10 exercises.  Here are the ones we did:

Carolina Dry Docks


Big Girl Sit Ups

Bicep Curls




Figure 4 Squats

Indian Style LBCs (I had leg lifts on the board, but my back was really bothering me today, so I decided to modify and the others went with it)

Overhead Press

After our final lap, we did lunges around the world:

10 forward R

10 side R

10 back R

10 back L

10 side L

10 forward L

After that we stretched it out for a solid 3 minutes.  We circled and we prayed. Then we chatted with a neighbor who skipped the workout this morning (Sweatpants) and eventually got on with our day.  It was a tough one, but Shrinky Dink and Birdie killed it!


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