06/27/2020 - foxtrot - The Kraken

AO: Foxtrot

When: 06/27/2020

QIC: Chocolate Chip


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Partly Cloudy, Nun-chucks (FNG), Shrinky Dink, Chopper, Coach, Straight Shooter, Mighty Mouse, Chai, Wilson, Lucky


I was so excited to Q a Saturday at Foxtrot again – it has been way too long!  I was even more excited when I saw 11 beautiful faces there with me (including 1 FNG – wlecome Nun-chucks)!

We started with a quick Indian run around the big circle and a round of Sally – squat edition to get us warmed up!

The Thang:

I had 8 cones set up along the inside of the field, in a (pretty big) circle.  Each cone had one exercise on it .  We all started at a different cone, were to complete 30 reps of the exercise, then run to the next cone, complete 30 reps of that exercise and so on until we made it all the way around the circle.  Or so I thought 🙂  Partly Cloudy – ever so kindly – let me know that the actual Kraken calls for  completing 30 reps of the exercise and then running a complete lap around the entire circle of cones, until we passed our cone and reached the next one.  I liked this idea SO MUCH BETTER!  There were lots of groans from the PAX 🙂  So I made the circle a little smaller and we got started!

30 reps of each exercise, run a lap around the circle until we passed our cone and reached the next one.   We repeated this all the way until we got back to our first cone.  Then we did it again with 20 reps each.  Our exercises were:


Squats with Side Leg Lift (total)

Bicep Curl to Press

Lunges (total)

Carolina Dry Docks

Curtsy Lunges (total)


Squat Jumps

We had just enough time for a round of abs at the end.

I hit 2 miles and burned 500 calories!!

There was lots of mumble chatter during this one 🙂  You all killed it – thank you for sticking with me!

We circled up (ish) for COT, prayer, and name-o-rama.  Welcome Nun-chucks!

Love – CC


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