11/15/2021 - arena - The Kraken

AO: The Arena

When: 11/15/2021

QIC: Paperback


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Calico, Rook, Headlock, Summit, Captain, Hairspray, Step Up


Thank you to the ladies who joined me this beautiful morning! The sun was shining, and a few us even shed enough layers to get down to t-shirts and tanks!

Warm-up: Little & Big Arm Circles, Toy Soldiers, and Through the Tunnels

Then, we battled The Kraken…

  1. Squats w/ twist
  2. Imperial Walkers
  3. Calf Raises (straight, in, out)
  4. Dead Lifts
  5. Reverse Flys
  6. Glute Bridges
  7. Straight Leg Sit-Ups
  8. Single-Leg Toe Touches

Everyone picked a station to start. The first round was 30 each, then 20, then 10 with a big lap around after each station. I see why we rarely do a Kraken at The Arena- it’s a loooong lap around. We didn’t get down to the 10’s, but we ran/walked 2+ miles. That checked off our November Challenge of 1 mile a day 🙂

We circled up to stretch and share a moment of gratitude. Today’s assignment was sharing something we’re grateful to have today that we didn’t have last year. We prayed, NOR, and indulged in donuts leftover from Hairspray’s 20th Wedding Anniversary party. Thanks Hairspray and congrats to you and your hubby on 20 years!!!


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