11/11/2019 - union - The LEGenDArY Workout

AO: The Union

When: 11/11/2019

QIC: Valor


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Choo Choo, Wilson, Guac, Killa, Smooth Operator, Chocolate Chip


It was a great morning at the Union! Pax was lively and time flew by. We started quite bundled but the layers were flying off quickly! We warmed up quickly with some butt kicks, high knees, side lunges, lunges with a twist, and then a large loop around the side and front lot before getting started.


The Thang:


We all grabbed one weight (one heavy weight is ideal). While holding the weight at your chest, do 2 walking lunges and then a squat 10 times total. Drop the weight and do 10 long jumps (basically forward squat jumps) back. Return to your weight and repeat with 9 reps. Move all the way down until you get to 1 rep.

We took another large loop at this point and the came back to do it all over again.

With the little time we had left, we did 20 reps of 3 ab exercises. I’ll post the names of those below, and then their nicknames according to the PAX.

  • Dolphins (PAX name: Old Lady Humpers)- Move from high plank to downward dog continuously
  • Reverse Butterflies (PAX name: Stirrups)- Legs in butterfly while lying on your back- bring legs together and into a reverse crunch and the lower down to starting position
  • Plank Weight Pass- Place weight just behind one hand in high plank and then pass it to the other hand and back continuously.

We selfied (of course) and then circled up and prayed quickly so we could layer back up and get to our warm cars. Today will feel warm compared to the weather coming this week though!




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