10/14/2020 - lair - The Millennial

AO: The Lair

When: 10/14/2020

QIC: Chocolate Chip


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wonder Woman, Choo Choo, Wilson, Valor, Guac, Lucky, Hallmark, Mighty Mouse, Coach


It was a perfect morning – beautiful weather and beautiful faces on Wednesday morning!

We warmed up with a few stretches and a lap around the parking lot before tackling the thang!

The Thang:

10 exercises, 100 reps each. We all started on the 1st exercise together and the first person to reach 100 was the winner 😜 then we all took a lap before moving on to the 2nd exercise. We were able to finish all but 1 exercise! It was all arms and there was a little grumbling (ahem merkins) but everyone crushed it!

1. Bicep curls

2. Morro can nightclubs

3. Merkins

4. Shoulder taps

5. Overhead press

6. Skull crushers

7. Lat raises

8. Crossbody tricep (lie on your back, hold weight in one hand in air at about a 30 degree angle, lower arm down at elbow then back up)

9. Bent over rows

10. Reverse fly

We circled up for COT, picture, and prayer!

Love ya ladies!




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