08/03/2020 - thicket - The One Where All The Kids Go….

AO: The Thicket

When: 08/03/2020

QIC: Rise Up


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Tiny Dancer, Hershey, Stitch, Pinterest


B Ballerina Squats x 1

A Angle Grinders x 2

C Chilly Jacks x 3

K Kickbacks (Tricep) x 4

T Tappy Taps x 5 (IC) x 5

O Overhead Press x 6

S Squat Thrusters x 7

C Crab Cakes x 8

H (I can barely type this without laughing) Hairy Rockets x 10 (toy soldiers with a forward lunge…thanks F3 Cherokee)

O One legged squats x 10 per side

O O’s and X’s x 11

L Little Baby Crunches x 12

The THANG is:

This day was a miracle and I thought it would never get here 🤣 Our kids went back to school, and we had a little celebration… Gangnam Style. 5 PAX, including me, Rise Up got to work on our dance party. To warm up we did wood chops, jumping jacks and toy soldiers, and then we spent the next minute “trying” to do the dance. It was a hot and humid day, especially after the rain, and we had so much fun.

Experience has taught me that you should always be ready to check a bingo square off for the first workout. So, we saved the best for last and PAX choice Sally made an appearance. Stitch and Pinterest chose Squat Sally, Tiny Dancer bravely tackled Plank Sally, and I did the Tricep Sally. Basically, we added an exercise each round…1 + lap, 1+2+ lap…you get it. At least I hope you get it. Six month summer has turned my brain into mush. These ladies killed it. Welcome back, Pinterest! It was awesome to see your beautiful face and catch up.

Until next time,

Rise Up


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