07/09/2020 - foxtrot - The One With All The Wheels

AO: Foxtrot

When: 07/09/2020

QIC: Rise Up


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Partly Cloudy, Charity, Kenya, Tot Wheels, Chai, Shrinky Dink, Killer K, Regulator (Mount up), Wonder Woman, Domino, Inspector Gadget, Blue Bell, Clover, Killa, FNG Pancake 🥞


Oh my goodness, y’all! Kicking your own butt is one thing, but these wheels nearly killed us all. It was “awesomely horrible” however, 16 PAX including me, Rise Up, and 1 FNG were in it to….not die. Did we die? No….not exactly. What a beautiful morning to work out, and I must say that the company was fantastic, the mumble chatter was fascinating, and I was imagining exactly how many PAX wanted to punch me in the throat. Yeah….it was one of those workouts. Got so lost in the energy of the morning that I forgot the time check, and we ended at 6:15… just in time to name our FNG! Welcome to FiA, Pancake 🥞! Please come back….

The warm up: Rock to the Rythym by Lexicon

Arm circles forward and backwards, windmills, jumping jacks and pulse squats all in cadence

The Thang!

Wheel 1 Arms

Hub: 30 seconds (The exercise that holds the wheel together. The middle. The good stuff) Around the Worlds

Spokes: 1 minute each if the following: bicep curls, morraccan night clubs, overhead press, tricep kickbacks, front swings and upright rows.

Long lap followed by a one minute rest

Rinse and repeat

Wheel 2 Butts

Hub: Deadlifts

Spokes: narrow squats with a kickback, backwards lunge with a front skip, side lunge with a front kick, squats with a side kick, donkey kicks right leg, donkey kicks left leg

Wheel 3 Abs

Hub: Russian Twists

Spokes: LBC’s, X’s and O’s, American Pie Sit ups, Rosalitas, Bicycles and stagnant hillbillies

We never made it to wheel 4, but here it is:

Hub: 30 second plank

Spokes: glute bridge with right leg lift, glute bridge with left leg lift, glute bridge with skull crusher, inchworms, tummy twisters, and  bird dogs.

So there it is. Good times and fun stuff 😜

We got our picture, Name o Rama was fantastic and we named our FNG Pancake. We had a lot of prayers lifted, praises to share and Rise Up had the biggest crowd out of all her Qs with FiA. Records were broken, people. I guess you could say, It was definitely brung.

Until next time,

Rise Up



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