01/23/2020 - arena - The One With the Kettlebells

AO: The Arena

When: 01/23/2020

QIC: Seinfeld


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Seinfeld, Mariposa, Dove, Canon, Hairspray, Pretzel


1st Q on Tuesday, so of course….2nd Q on Wednesday!  Some of us grabbed our kettlebells for a little change of pace today, while others doubled up their weights for an extra challenge.  Summer arms are made in the winter, right girls! Our picture at the end shows 31 degrees but I think it was well below 30 when we started.  We got our blood pumping with some windmills and jumping jacks, then we went on arm attack!


1st Set:

20 Bicep Curls (one arm at a time for the ‘bellers)

20 Tricep Extensions

20 Figure 8s (modified to weighted Raggedy Anns)

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Goblet Squats

20 Overhead Press (one arm at a time for the ‘bellers)

Run A Lap

2nd Set:

20 Deadlifts

20 Halos

20 Bent Rows (10 each arm)

20 Reverse Lunges (10 each arm/leg)

20 Hip Halos

20 Lateral Crunch (10 each side)

Run A Lap

We repeated the whole series of both sets, but without the laps to make sure we saved time for abs.

Ab Set:

40 Russian Twists

40 Glute Bridges

40 LBCs

40 Penguins (total)

20 BGS

20 Flutterkicks (total)


We finished it all up with a good stretch, COT and Name-O-Rama, then we hurried out of the cold!  Looking forward to some warmer days on the horizon, but so happy have such wonderful friends to freeze with!



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