07/08/2020 - arena - The One with the Sprinklers!

AO: The Arena

When: 07/08/2020

QIC: Seinfeld


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Kodak, Hairspray, Lace, Seinfeld and FNG Sugar Mama!


It was hot and several of us came in hotter!  But as we rolled in, to what should our wondering eyes appear but a beautiful FNG!  We welcomed the FNG soon to be known as Sugar Mama to the FiA fold then got started!


Windmills 10ic

TTT 10ic


The Thang: 

Today we did an Accumulator workout. My board included 20 exercises, and therefore rounds, and we acknowledged from the beginning we may or may not make it through all 20 in 45 minutes, but we were gonna see how far we could go.

1 – Burpee

2 – Merkins

3 – Monkey Humpers

4 – Mountain Climbers (each leg, 8 total)

5 – BGS

6 – Plank Shoulder Taps (each shoulder, 12 total)

7 – Jumping Jacks

8 – Lunges (PAX choice on kind, but 8 each leg, 16 total)

9 – Squats

10 – Tricep Dips or Extensions (PAX choice)

11 – Calf Raises

12 – LBCs

13 – Overhead Press

14 – Supermans

15 – Russian Twists (each side, 30 total)

16 – Imperial Walkers (total – you’re welcome)

17 – Bicep Curls

18 – Rosalitas

19 – Jump Squats

20 – J-Los (total)

I promised the PAX a total exercise count at the end. We each made it through either 15 or 16 rounds in the allotted time so for 15 here’s your totals:

15 Burpees

28 Merkins

39 Monkey Humpers

96 Mountain Climbers (total)

55 BGS

120 Plank Shoulder Taps (total)

63 Jumping Jacks

128 Lunges (total)

63 Squats

60 Tricep Dips/Ext

55 Calf Raises

48 LBCs

39 Overhead Press

28 Supermans….errr…Supermen….no that doesn’t look right….

30 – Russian Twists

For a grand total of 767!

After this we circled up for some stretches and prayers, continuing to lift up Canon and her family along with my uncle who suffered a mild stroke last night, and everyone dealing with heath and education uncertainties in light of Coronavirus.  Then, we had the fun of naming our new FNG Sugar Mama during Name-O-Rama!  And as if that wasn’t enough, the city of Woodstock guys turned on the sprinklers for us. I will neither confirm nor deny that Kodak and I left soaking wet! Thanks ladies for a fun sweaty morning 🙂


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