01/25/2022 - den - The Wagon Wheel

AO: The Den

When: 01/25/2022

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Foster, Smooth Operator, Aquamarine, Straight Shooter, Bourbon, Rise Up, Belles, Spartan, Dr. Doolittle, Choo Choo, Hallmark


We successfully completed The Wagon Wheel without complaint!  Seriously, only positive words uttered today.  I love the complaining, but I also love the happy faces.  It wasn’t totally freezing today, so maybe everyone started in a much better place today than past freezing days.  We warmed up with stretches, TTTs, Cotton Pickers, and a lap.  Then we got started.
The Wagon Wheel – it is exactly what you picture.  PAX start in the center with exercises, then travel out the spokes to cones (all spaced out in a circle).  They do the exercise listed.  Then travel back.  The catch is the travel back is usually some painful for of travel like duck walking or bear crawls.

Our center hub was all arm exercises.  I had many listed.  Every time you went back to the center, you picked 3 of your choice and did 10 reps each.

Pick 3:

Lateral Raises

Front Raises

Tricep Kickbacks

Bicep Curls

Hammer Curls


Jello shooters

Around the Worlds

PAX ran down the spokes.  Each spoke had an exercise listed at the end and a method of travel back to the hub:

10 Carolina Dry Docks, Side Shuffle back

20 Squats, Grapevine back

30 Raggedy Ann’s, Power skip back

40 Monkey Humpers, Duck walk back

30 Standing Fire Hydrants, Jog Backwards back

20 Lunge Pulses, Each side, Broad jump back

10 Plank Jacks, jog back

20 Sumo Squats, Bear crawl back

We moved to our mats with 7 minutes remaining and did two song challenges.  What does the Fox Say with LBCs and Bicycles.  Then Glute Bridge Sally.
And that was it!  We snapped a pic, circled up, prayed, did our name-o-Rama, then scattered to get on with our day.  I hope everyone had a great start to their morning!



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