01/22/2022 - foxtrot - The Whirlpool and Booty Burn

AO: Foxtrot

When: 01/22/2022

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Pilgrim, Bravo, Aquamarine, Wonder Woman, Chocolate Chip, Hallmark, Straight Shooter


I just love starting my Saturdays off with FiA.  I don’t know if it is the wonderful ladies, the coffeteria, or the extra time to chat with everyone or maybe a combo of all.  I get an extra hour of sleep (sorry Grove ladies) and just enjoy being with everyone.  We had a few who had to rush off after the beatdown this morning due to kids being home alone or basketball games but I was thankful they came and started their day with me.  We did some stretches and thru the tunnels while everyone got set up around the big circle at Foxtrot.

We did a whirlpool today which meant I had 10 cones placed around the big circle and we went round and round.  We did 25 of everything the first 2 rounds (including sets where needed) and 10 of everything the last round so we had time to do the booty burn at the end.  We planked at the end of the first 2 rounds for 1 min 6 seconds each time for the FiA winter challenge this week.  On the first round you did the first exercise listed at the cone for all 10 cones.  You ran between each cone.  On the second round you did the second exercise and you did walking lunges between each cone.  I heard a lot of mumble chatter on this one.  The last round you did the last exercise listed and you chose your mode of transportation between each cone.

1. Rotator raise, goal post press, overhead press

2. Froggers, monkey humpers, curtsy lunges

3. BGSU’s, lbc’s, sea turtles

4. Toe taps, skaters, seal jacks

5. Sumo squats, standing leg raises, curb squats

6. Raggedy Ann’s, imperial walkers, hillbillies

7. Chicken wings, scarecrows, Morracan nightclubs

8. Calf raises, reverse lunges, narrow squats

9. Jumping jacks, jump squats, ski jumps

10. High plank, core twists, squat side crunches

We ended with the booty burn.  You do 10 of each all on the same leg before doing it on the other side.  I heard some mumble chatter on this one as well.

lower leg lifts, upper leg straight leg lifts, upper leg lift with bend, little circles forward, little circles backward, big circles forward, big circles backward, clams, rainbows.

Once we did both sides Pilgrim showed us another exercise to help with the booty as well and then we stretched a little before COT and name o rama.

We prayed for Wonder Woman’s mom’s cancer battle, we prayed for Valkyrie’s upcoming surgery, those with Covid, and Chai’s leg surgery as well. We love you ladies!!


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