07/27/2020 - union - Today is 7/27

AO: The Union

When: 07/27/2020

QIC: Diggity Dog


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chocolate Chip, Mater, Killa, Smooth Operator, Chef, Sebastian, Salude, Guac, Valor, Hallmark, Diggity Dog


Sorry for the delay ladies! Computer issues would not allow me to post the backblast with pics!  Speaking of pics…please ignore my big noggin! Yikes!

Yes, today was July 27 (7/27). It is also the start of some MLB (Go Braves!), so I had to insert a little running of the bases today too to get the week started right!

10 PAX joined me for a fun and sweaty morning at the Union. We got the juices flowing with some stretching, Jumping Jacks (in cadence), toe touches (in cadence), and a big lap around the school per usual. We moved around a lot today, and had 4 stations. Here is how it went:

The Thang:
First up were 7’s (per the 7/27 theme). These included squats and squat jumps. We moseyed to the end of the parking lot closest to the main road, and started at the bottom of the hill. There were quite a few of us, so we spread out across the 3 hills that were there. We did 6 squats, then ran backwards up the hill, and did 1 squat jump at the top. Then ran forward back down the hill, and 5 squats at the bottom, back up the hill backwards and 2 squat jumps…and so on. We did these for 2 rounds before heading back up the hill to the next station.

This station was for the 27, in 7/27. We set up our weights on one side of the parking lot where there was the following list:
27 of each exercise (spelling out the word UNION)
Upright Rows
Narrow Squats
Ice Skaters
Overhead Press
Narrow Push-ups
We started with the first exercise on the list, and then ran across to the other side of the parking lot. Then we backpedaled to our weights, and started on exercise number 2. Continuing with running and backpedaling between each exercise. The ladies killed this one with strength and speed!

Up next was our shout out to our home team, The Atlanta Braves! This was my version of socially distanced running of the bases. I used my kids play baseball set and put out a home plate, and 1st through 3rd bases. We all spread out in the parking lot south of home plate and did jumping jacks. Anyone who was not running the bases kept doing either jumping jacks or high knees to keep their heart rate up. The first person sprinted to home plate, bear crawled to 1st base, sprinted to 2nd base, bear crawled to 3rd base, and sprinted to home plate. Once the runner in front of you got to 1st base, the next person would sprint to home plate and follow suit. This was a fun (and tough) way to end our cardio for the morning, and the ladies killed it!

Up last was our ab work! We returned to our mats in our usual spot by the school, and got some much needed water. I unfortunately missed last weeks beatdown, but heard Valor had some good feedback when it came to her focus on abs. First up was the song “We can work from home” by Afterkiss. This was done to the beat of the song. Start on you 6 with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and finger tips on ears with head off ground (like you are doing a crunch). As soon as the words to the song starts, straighten your right leg, keep the left bent, and reach across your body with your right arm (elbow straight) reaching towards your the outside of your left hip. Then quickly come back to starting position, and same on other side. You will do 4 sets of these before switching exercises. Next up is leg raises with ankles together (feet cannot hit the ground!), and start with them up. You will do 8 of these before switching to the next exercise. Remember, these are all to the beat! Next one you will sit up and extend your arms straight overhead with your arms together. Then bring you left elbow back and down to touch the mat on your left side, arms back up (still together) and down on right side. You will do 4 sets of these. And lastly, you will do boat/canoes x 4. After the boat/canoes, start from the top. Here is a link so you can actually see it in motion 🙂 Lordy, that was a lot to type, ha ha!
We were able to get in one more ab song before we had to call it. It was……SALLY!!!! (Of course it was, lol) This Sally was done with leg raises through the whole thing. This one caused a lot of mumbles and chatter amongst the PACs, me included. Ugh!!!

We circled up, did COT, and prayed hard for those who need God’s peace, grace, protection, healing, and love. What an amazing God he is!!!

The best days always start with my FiA sisters. Love you ladies! We are truly better together!!


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