11/09/2019 - thicket - Total Body Tables – and a sunburn

AO: The Thicket

When: 11/09/2019

QIC: Tiny Dancer


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Tiny Dancer, Mama Painter, Homeland, VonTrapp, Hummingbird (FNG).


A PAX favorite, my Total Body Tables workout kept us warm, toasty, and sore the next day.  The sun came out to join us too, so instead of being under the pavilion at Thicket, we were on the sidewalk getting some sunshine on our cheekbones.  My F3 commented later that I actually had some sunburn on my face!  Not something common in fall-but-feels-like-winter weather.

The Thang:

Total Body Tables is a tabata-style workout (1 minute each with 10 seconds to rotate) with 5 stations for 6 rounds.  The first four stations can be done in any order and are each dedicated to a specific area: Arms, Cardio, Legs, and Abs.  The fifth station is done all together before the individual PAX start back at the particular station where they began.  Each round has a different exercise, see as follows: (My apologies for the formatting.  It’s less confusing on paper or in person.)

Stations & Rounds:

Arms                     Cardio                                   Legs                                                       Abs                                        All Together

1 Tricep Dips       Snow Shoe                         Reg Squat + Fire Hydrant (alt)     Fire LBC (top ½ pulse)    Step Up w/R on bench

2 Hammer Curl  Grapevine around table  Reg Squat + Donkey Kick (alt)     Slow Bicycle                        Incline plank + alt leg lft

3 Zopman Curl* Star Jacks                          Narrow Squat + Battement (R)  Pin-up w/ Ankle Cross   Step Up w/L on bench

4 Reverse Curl   High Knees                       Narrow Squat + Battement (L)   Slow heel push in/out    Tricep Dips

5 Dumbbell Row** R      Fast Feet arnd tbl  Sumo Squat + small hop          Oblique Side Bends         Hop/Step up/down bench

6 Dumbbell Row** L       Butt Kickers        Sumo Squat + side leg lift (alt)    Pilates V w/ pulse arms In/Decline pushups!!!


We warmed up with a few dynamic stretches and a quick run around the small circle.  We stretched at the end too (my favorite part), did COT and Nameorama, including naming FNG Hummingbird.  Welcome!

Since Harley Quinn was rocking it in Disney this week, I brought chilled dunkin mocha bottles and tiny paper cups to present a little Coffeeteria.  My kids raided the snacks a bit before we were done with our beatdown, but there were some crepes, oranges, paleo bars, and bananas too.  I think we all hung out and chatted for a good while.  It is a blessing to be with you ladies.  Better Together!


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