06/28/2021 - mill - Total Body Time Bombs

AO: The Mill

When: 06/28/2021

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Prada, Confection, Millie, Jager, Killer K, Bulldawg, Happy Feet, Rocky (FNG) & Inspector Gadget


I’ve had to miss a lot of Mondays lately but was able to make it work so I could start my week off right with the Mill ladies this week. A total of 8 PAX (including 1 FNG) joined me to get their Monday workout on. Prada met me at 4:30a to run but skipped the beatdown & just finished up her run with 5 miles. The rest of the PAX joined me for the beatdown.

We warmed up with some arm circles forward, arm circles backward, Michael Phelps, Toy Soldiers (IC) and Through the Tunnels (IC). After the warm up we got started on the Thang. We had 4 time bombs to run through (arms, abs, cardio, and legs). They went off as follows with 10s rest between each exercise:


1 min Bicep Curls

45s Front to Lateral Raises

30s Tricep Kickbacks

15s Merkins

30s Overhead Tricep Extensions

45s Field Goal to Overhead Press

1 min Hammer Curls


1 min Pretzel Crunches

45s Flutter Kicks

30s Plank (full)

15s Big Girl Sit-Ups

30s Plank (elbow)

45s Rosalita’s

1 min Reverse Crunches


1 min Skaters

45s Buttkicks

30s Kangaroos

15s Jump Squats

30s Kangaroos

45s Buttkicks

1 min Skaters


1 min Narrow Squat with Kickbacks

45s Reverse Lunges with a Front Kick (right)

30s Glute Bridges

15s Bear Squats

30s Glute Bridges

45s Reverse Lunges with a Left Kick (left)

1 min Drama Squats

After each time bomb, we ran a lap & grabbed some water before starting another one. We completed all four time bombs just in time to circle up, say a quick prayer & name our FNG (Deanna) during NOR. She loves Colorado & hiking there so we named her Rocky. Welcome Rocky! 😊


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