08/25/2020 - hideout - Total Body Time Bombs

AO: The Hideout

When: 08/25/2020

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Shrinky Dink, Stitch, Certified, Greyhound, Rise Up, Journey, Professor, Whiskers, Charity, Domino


Despite the chance of rainy weather, a total of 11 PAX came out this morning to run/walk and/or beatdown with me. It was a little misty the entire workout but was still incredibly humid. We warmed up with some arm circles forward, arm circles backward, Michael Phelps, Toy Soldiers (IC), Praying Mantis (IC), and Butt Kickers.

After the warm up we got started on the Thang. We had 4 time bombs to run through (arms, abs, legs, and cardio). They went off as follows with 10s rest between each exercise:


1 min front to lateral arm raises

45s Bicep Curls

30s Overhead Shoulder Press

15s Merkins

30s Overhead Tricep Extension

1 min front to lateral arm raises


1 min Plank

45s LBCs

30s Flutter Kicks

15s In & Outs

30s Hello Dolly’s

45s Pretzel crunches

1 min Plank


1 min High Knees

45s Smurf Jacks

30s Skaters

15s Jump Squats

30s Skaters

45s Jumping Jacks

1 min High Knees


1 min Wall Sit

45s Sumo Squats

30s Reverse Lunge with a front kick – right

15s Elevated Calf Raises

30s Reverse Lunge with a front kick – left

45s Narrow Squats

1 min Wall Sit

After each time bomb, we ran a lap & grabbed some water before starting another one. We completed all four time bombs & still had time for one more so we took a vote & ended up doing the Arms time bomb to finish it off. We took a quick picture as Shrinky Dink had to leave early then we ran our last lap.

We did some light stretching as we circled up for some prayers & Name-O-Rama.

Thanks for joining me this morning ladies! It’s always the best part of my day!


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