06/10/2021 - foxtrot - Triple Check & Lexication

AO: Foxtrot

When: 06/10/2021

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Mater, Golden Rule, Semper Fi, Killa, Rise Up


I promised the ladies an education today…but, only a few braved the weather.  It has been really rainy here this week!  We warmed up with a couple stretches.  Then the education started.

10 Boy Bands, which we call Pick Ups

5 Sets of Happy Jacks (5 jumping Jacks in cadence followed by 2 squats)

10 Jack Jacks (1 jumping jack followed by 1 plank jack)

After that we checked a Bingo box with deck of death silly sprint.  Run and get a card, the suit determines your exercise, the number determines your rep count.  I set a 10 minute timer and we were off!

Diamonds – Frog Pumps (glute bridges with open knees)

Hearts – IWY Supermans (Superman’s where your arms are straight in an I, then open to Y, then open to W)

Clubs – Zebras (donkey kicks in downward dog)

Spades – Rocket Squats (crockpot squats with a jump at the end)

After 10 minutes, we split into 2 groups, 3 people each and moved on to a triple check.  We did each exercise 3 times.

1. Alligator push ups, Down dog foot taps, run

2. Figure 4 squats, Curtsy lunges, run

3. Side hammer curls, bicep press/field goals, run

We cut the third one short so we can learn some abs.
30 Rosalitas – Lay on back, legs up, open and close

30 Ankle Biters – aka penguins

25 Anerican pie sit ups – sit ups with legs out flat

Then we ended with Lindsay Lohans – which we know as star gazers.

We stretched and closed with our COT.  I hope you learned something today!


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