04/07/2021 - lair - Uno!!

AO: The Lair

When: 04/07/2021

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 3

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Smooth Operator, Straight Shooter, Semper Fi


Being that it’s Spring Break, I knew that we would have a smaller group this morning so I took the opportunity to try something different by playing a game.  Uno!  I had a couple of different variations of how we would play based on how many PAX.  2 others showed up to play so I thought this was the perfect amount to actually play the game the real way.

After a short warmup, I explained the how we were to do The THANG….and what each color and card meant.


Yellow:  Plank Jacks

Blue:  Squats

Red:  Merkins

Green:  BGSUs

Face cards 1-9 were the rep count.  So if you played a Yellow 7, we did 7 plank jacks.

Zero (0) face card – Run a lap

Skip – Power skip to the stairs and back

Reverse – Do previous exercise again

Draw 2 – 30 sec wall sit or toe taps

Draw 4 – 30 sec glute bridge hold and 10 reverse crunches

Blank card – PAX choice of exercise 10 reps/sets

WILD – Do 10 reps of all 4 color exercises + run to the stairs and back


I dealt out 5 cards to each PAX and placed a starting card out with the rest in the draw pile.  And we decided on regular Uno rules…just none of that playing playing multiple +2 on each other causing someone to draw a crazy amount.  In an effort to make sure the game didn’t last 2 hours, we didn’t actually draw extra cards on the +2 or +4.  The only rule was to match either the color or number played.

Smooth Operator won the first game pretty quickly and decisively.  I didn’t realize she was down to one card when she yelled Uno.  You gotta keep your eyes on her for sure!  We shuffled up the cards the best we could (they were jumbo size lol) and dealt the cards out again for round 2.  This game lasted a bit longer, we thought maybe Straight Shooter might win, but we were able to stop her!  But Smooth Operator pulled off another win and laid down her winning card right at 6:15!

It was a fun workout and we were able to get our heart rates up which is always a concern doing workouts like this, I wanted little downtime.  But we ending up doing 3 laps, 3 runs to the stairs and back, and 4 power skips to the stairs, among all the rest of the mat exercises.  I will definitely do this again for a smaller group, but would try something different… maybe give each PAX 25 or so random cards and that would be their workout or just have each PAX take turns pulling a card and the group does that exercise.

We did a quick prayer and prayed for all our FiAs out there on Spring Break, wishing for a safe return for them!

Thanks for starting your day with me ladies!  I always enjoy spending time with you!



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