03/16/2021 - den - Vortex, Pyramids, & Fire!

AO: The Den

When: 03/16/2021

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Dr. Doolittle, Smooth Operator, Straight Shooter, Partly Cloudy, Shrinky Dink, Wonder Woman, Choo Choo, Semper Fi


Vortex, Pyramids, & Fire! Sounds like a Sci-Fi disaster movie!  Not quite, just some FiA ladies out to start their morning with a bang!

The weather was cold & rainy, about 45 degrees but the wind made it feel much colder.  You just gotta love Georgia spring weather.  We warned up with some arm & neck circles, Michael Phelps, hip rotations, and leg swings.  I wanted to try a new warm up game I found, called the Vortex.  All PAX got into a big circle.  We ran counterclockwise and while running, I asked a question.  If the answer was yes, then you ran into the center (the vortex) and dropped and did a push up, then rejoined the moving circle.  It was a fun warmup and we got to learn something about each other. Like the fact than none of the PAX had ever been scuba diving!

The Thang – Plank Pyramids

10 sec plank/10 prisoner squats

20 sec plank/20 toe taps

30 sec plank/30 jumping jacks

40 sec plank/40 calf raises

50 sec plank/50 arm circles – forward

60 sec plank/60 LBCs

Run a lap

60 sec plank/60 jump ropes

50 sec plank/ 50 arm circles – backwards

40 sec plank/40 flutterkicks

30 sec plank/30 hillbillies

20 sec plank/20 fire hydrants

10 sec plank/10 star jumps

Run a lap

Ring of Fire!

PAX did scarecrows and passed 10 bicep curls, held chair and passed a run to the end of the group and back, squats and passed 10 monkey humpers, and finally sit ups passing 10 in & outs.

These ladies crushed the plank pyramid!

We stretched, COT, and name-o-rama.  We prayed for those in quarantine and Dr Doolittles friends father undergoing a procedure soon.

Have a wonderful day ladies! In case you forgot, YOU ARE AMAZING.




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