01/07/2021 - foxtrot - Walls of Jericho

AO: Foxtrot

When: 01/07/2021

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Bourbon, Partly Cloudy, Valkyrie, Semper Fi, Very Berry, Smooth Operator, Wonder Woman, Wilson, Hallmark


With it being January 7, I decided that something with 7s made sense. I considered 7 of Diamonds but then settled on Walls of Jericho for this one. I looked at the monthly challenge list to pick the exercises and even planned to include something in the warm-up, but it was too cold to stay stationary, so I opted to start with an Indian run and Wonder Woman hollered at the idea of sharing what we are looking forward to for summer. So off we went and I had not realized a couple of our newer FiA sisters had never done an Indian run before (sorry ladies!), so things were a bit off but we still got warm I think.

The Thang – Walls of Jericho

So this routine has 7 exercises that you complete 7 reps of each and then take a lap. You repeat the same exercises for 7 rounds total, so 49 of each exercise if you’re counting. The exercises for today included:

kettle bell swings

Boat canoes

curtsy lunges


Warm Hugs


Plank Jacks

We added one more rep to the last round to reach 50 on the kettle bell swings so Pax could cross off that item on the challenge list. We did this as well for the squats and the plank jacks. I gave Pax the option to go back and pick up 1 minute of butt kicks from my original warm up plan or to push to finish the 100 squats and plank jacks since we were half way there. The vote was for the squats and plank jacks so we got 50 more of each done and still had time to throw a round of Bat Wings in too. That makes for 6 items to cross off today ladies! We then circled up and prayed and did NOR. As always, I love my FiA sisters and thanks for joining me!


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